Centuries of a rugged existence, arms around the shifting sands, have given Rajasthan unparalleled art and culture. The romance of a distinctive way of life finds expression in their dances, in their cuisine, and in their artifacts Of especial beauty is the city of lakes, Udaipur, where the heavens come down to meet the earth. Situated in this wonder of wonders, is Barmer Art, house of intricately carved wooden furniture, wooden jharokhas or artistic windows, four poster beds, chairs made of iron, wood or their combination, garden furniture, wooden rustic furniture and designer furniture.

Each of the pieces at Barmer Art is painstakingly made by accomplished craftsmen. The wood is of the finest quality, that will make our furniture a prized possession in your household for years to come. The designs are a sight to behold. With emphasis on tradition, we also cater to modern sensibilities with modern, minimalist designs and materials.

Our focus is on timely delivery. Our orders are executed well within the stipulated time with our products meeting global quality expectations.

It is also our endeavor to preserve and propagate Indian culture. This reflects in our designs as much as our approach towards customers.


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